Stand-up for whom you are.
Don’t ever let anyone,
no matter who they are or who they think they are,
tell you that you are wrong or somehow less because you are different.
Fight for what you believe in.
Never compromise your truth
Never give up and never give in.
Nothing is more sacred than that of individual happiness.
Never be afraid to say no, and never be afraid to say yes.

Don’t ever back down.
Never turn around.
Motherfucker, always stand your ground

Simple Pagan Invocation

God of the earth that gives me life,
Goddess of the air that gives me life,
God of the fire that gives me life,
Goddess of the water that gives me life.

My magickal name is Fiachrull Ea’Laric Noxulf,
I am your child in this life and the next,
I am an apprentice in your steed,
I love you humbly and worship you.

I desire your power in all of my workings,
I need your guidance to do not wrong,
I ask of you knowing of your grace,
I summon you here and now!

Haiti and Skoll

Haiti and Skoll

Lately, I have been focusing the bulk of my studies on Norse Mythos. And so far, the most interesting story that I have come across is that of Haiti and Skoll.

Haiti and Skoll are brothers, and the sons of Fenrir (which makes them the grandchildren of Loki). Haiti spends every night running through the sky chasing Mani (the moon), while Skoll spends every day chasing Sol (the sun). This is a seemingly fruitless quest, until…

One day, Haiti and Skoll will succeed in their quests, thus ushering in the start of Ragnorak.

Realm of Destination Incognito

“I sensed a sea change, a paradigm shift. Lulled by a 
sense of security, I began the journey to my perfect place.”

Realm of Destination Incognito

   In the course of the various episodes of my life, I have often found myself in a state of being that makes nothing more than a mere faint, stark resemblance to the normal spectrum of perception. Upon each rebirth into our worldly vale of consciousness, my mind is hazed over with a fog of rune and confusion, with no utter remembrance of the root of the fresh relapse. 
   This consistent path of events was one evening altered. Upon the onset of nocturnal shadows succeeding a day that appeared to be of the norm, I slowly drifted off into another enigmatic orb of perplexity. I arose from my aura of almost-sleep to experience something of the original sense. The sudden remembrance of my dream-like daze left me in wonder and awe. All that had just happened amicably bonded to forge a novel outlook on my very own life’s significance, a meditative elevation of sagacity. What a perfect existence this is to be! Such a voyage was soon after charted in the manner that follows.
   The airy Realm of Destination hitherto is a place of everything adored. The enticing smells and fragrant aromas of vanilla beans and pecans permeate the air accompanied by the wafting sensation of citrus smoothies. The main stays of peoples are varied and diverse. A colorful world marked by a vibrant rainbow of human personalities. Likeness is in some but that is where the similarities cease. Differences are praised, uplifted, glorified. All working for a common good. To learn, to better ourselves, to better others, but also to cherish the time while growing in body, mind, and soul. 
   Ears twitch with the audible overtones of rejoicing, conversating, learning. The turning of pages, the falling of the sands of time. A time that is adored because with each coming of each morning sun, all know that this everlasting time truly is forever. Learning and playing mesh together harmoniously, never ceasing in their bind. 
   But this world is not all on its own. On the Eternal Scales of Ideal Balance, this liberal market square is leveled parallel with the weights of a labyrinth of solitude. On the outskirts of the crowd, lie houses in abundance. When others begin to overwhelm and silence becomes a need, off and away one may venture towards the shadows of the town. One may slink out to his or her own place of Incognito, to the house of one’s residence. 
   In the presence of one’s singular self, there lies the joining of silence and soothing shades, of darker shades and velvety fabrics, the tastes and the buds. 
   Here they may relax; soothing sounds are all that may be heard. The connection of sounds, the coming together of nature’s simple chimes with the mellowing effects of composers long gone. The blissful array of decibels acts to release stress and welcome the coming of focus, relaxation, and meditation.
   Liveliness and color are abandoned in the square, traded for a place all the more serene. The vibrancy of color makes its exodus, leaving behind a darker sense of reality. The tints of blacks. The tinges of gray. The darker hues of blues, purples, and reds. Those of sapphire, emerald, and blood-etched garnet. Acting in accord to slow the work of the eyes and to calm the nerves.
   The walls adorned not with the various coats of paint, but with the smooth linings of regal cloths. The delicate touch of satin, lace, and cashmere decorates the walls. 
   Behind the lips lies an excess of tastes, an abundance of foods and drinks seeking to salivate the buds of the mouth. Sour, salty, spicy, bitter, and sweet all blend in perfect unison, becoming an overwhelming ecstasy of fervent tastes dancing on the tongue. 
   All things work together to elevate the cerebrum, to enhance the mind. All acting in unison to raise one’s sense of learning. Relaxing, concentrating. Helping to develop the learning process. Learning, studying, reading, writing, growing, adapting, accepting. To understand not the personal reasons why an action is done, but the background of it, the history of it. To realize the culture of others, to know each sand of time. To comprehend the teachings and learning of others. But also to learn how to express the understanding of one’s self. Those things taught to and learned by one’s self. All in one purpose. To teach and to learn is to live. All things working towards accepting everyone and everything, acknowledging how they and it naturally are. 
   To help with the growth of reason and meaning. The meaning of life is not one of being the elite. Not of being the smartest, strongest, fastest. Not of being the best. This essence of life’s purpose remains in and of itself quite simple but equally shares to be at the same time both intricate and complex. Learning, studying, and researching brings us closer to knowing this meaning of life’s existence but the concept’s reality is in need of such astute consideration that it may truly forever remain vague and undecipherable in its own sphere of mystery and obscurity.