About Noxulf

I’m trying to find my way in this world. Looking for guidance and support, knowledge and direction.

I currently follow my own solitary path. I’m a bit of an Eclectic. I’d say it’s definitely unique mix of Celtic, Wicca, Greek, Asatru, Native American, and Buddhist. Personally, I just do what feels comfortable in the moment. I know that what I follow is not what’s important, only that I do my best to honor the God and Goddess, and to help out Gaea.

I was born into a Pentecostal family. By age ten I had realised that living a life under the wing of Christianity was not something that I wanted to do and by 15, I left the church. I tried the agnostic/atheist route but I always knew I had a calling somewhere. Finding was the problem.

Deep down, it was obvious that the elements were seeking me out. I saw them everywhere and they certainly appealed to me. My first instinct was to research an oriental path. Looking through Taoism, Legalism, and Jainism, I finally thought I had found my purpose with Theravada Buddhism. After much reading and research, meditation, and neglecting of desire, it came to me that although the Buddha-Dharma has many merits, and certainly can be a faith for some, it just simply wasn’t for me either.

With the elements at my side, I began to research my heritage. Being from a Celtic/Germanic background, I knew there had to be something there that would explain it. I’ve known since I was young that nature was my ally. I gain strength and life when I visit her. My sight is more well defined in the moonlight than it ever has been during the day. I’ve read and researched, questioned and interviewed. I’ve sought out a path.

Then I found the goddess Artemis. Protector of the moon, the one thing in my life that I have always drawn strength from. The signs were always there. Even the number 28, the day I was born, symbolizes the moon in all her glory. Today, I honor her in all her glory every time I see the moon. I kiss her twice, and will forever do so.

I do not have my path yet cleared, and my knowledge is still limited. I learn and grow everyday. Seeking any help that I can get on my journey. But I have my true path, of that I am certain.


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